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We have spent the last 9 months dilligently working with individuals from several departments, agencies, academic institutions, corporate offices and more to develop our platform to deliver key information and and awarenss of buildings to improve critical decision making.


We are developing our platform to provide key value to emergency services, local agencies, faculty and building manegement, etc. so that they can do what they do best and keep people safe.

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We have used our experience in VR and Drones to come up with curated solutions to solve some of the biggest problems with safety and security


We work every day with fire, police, faculty, government agencies, senators and more. We hold them in the highest regard and respect


Our team has years of experience in software, entrepreneurship, public policy, corporate and startup roles.


Our mission is to be the standard practice for safety across the country. We are working passionate to make this a reality.


We care about the men and women who protect lives every day and offer every level of support for our users


We are excited to have gained so much support and we are motivated to help as many building owners as possible to make their buildings safer, secure and more comfortable.

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Our Services

We analyze, aggregate and make accessible key building information

3D Mapping

We use infrared and advanced scanning techniques to capture full detailed 3D models of the interior layout of the building and exterior.

Drone Imaging

We use Drones to capture key information about the building's exterior, roofing, and surrounding areas so that users can properly staregize operations for the exterior of the building, ex. firetruck and ambulance parking.

Intensive Analysis

We collect, tag and document key information about the property. We compiled this list from working with many local and national agencies to ensure that no piece of information is missing when needed.

Full Insights

Our platform allows for emergency services, faculties and local agencies to have transparency with each other's operations be able to use information to plan out operations in real time.

Day to Day Operations

Our platform also provides key benefits for a building's day-to-day operations. Making these operations more informed, efficient and effective.

Pre/Active/Post Incident Planning

Our platform provides information to prepare for any emergencies that can occur. Be informed and effective during any emergencies. And be able to effectively analyze after an emergency has occured.

Our Expertise

We work with the best

We have worked with several police departments to develop our platform, gather the key information they need in emergency situations and designed around their tools and resources.

We have worked with local and state level fire departments and training schools to make sure our platform provides key information for fire fighters. Making sure they have all the information they need to be safe and save others.

We wanted to make sure that our value extends beyond emergency situations and helps building owners and faculty manage the building, have full visibility on building resources, and make their jobs easier and more effective.

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How We Did It

Working together to achieve great results

Research & Planning

We started by interviewing a friend of ours who was a volunteer firefighter. After hearing his story we realized there were many things that can be improved in terms of the information that key emergency personnel need in order to effectively and safely save lives. We went on to interview over 100 more emergency, agency and government personnel to fully understand all of their problems.

Design & Development

We worked with these individuals to develop a solution that they would actually use in the field. Making sure that we have a precise balance between utility and simplicity.

Launch & Grow

We have are recieving great interest from academic institions, K-12 Schools, corporate offices, malls, etc. to implement our solution in their facilities. We are growing every day and leanring and continuing to iterate our solution to offer the most value to our users.

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