Working with DHS

We want to assist the Department of Homeland Security to strengthen and maintain, secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure.

Next Level Analysis

Our technology allows for institutions to gather much more detailed and relevant information than currently collected by these teams. We want to provide key value in furthering our national security.

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Our technology and procedures are directly applicable to all 16 sectors that are maintained as higher priority to document and maintain in the interest of public safety.

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Internal Utility

Our platform will be extremely valuable for national security purposes as well as internal management of the property to ensure that machinery, equipment and other assets are maintained, updated, and secured.

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Ensure our Nation's Infrastructure is Protected

Our company is dedicated to protecting and securing our nations most vulnerable resources across the country. The level of detail that we capture of these physical structures can make a huge difference in management and threat response.

  • Locate and improve potential weaknesses in current infrastructure.
  • Ensure that teams are properly prepared for multiple emergency scenarios.
  • Have proper accountability for assets, machinery and personnel.

Multiple Levels of Solutions

We can create completely custom solutions for more critical and sensitive infrastructure. This can include custom deployment and security for the platform and enhanced training exercises that can be done via our VR renderings and simulations.

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