How it Work

Our in-depth analysis and modeling allows for insurance to increase accuracy.

Remote Assessments

Properties can be assessed for risk via our model and information collection, reducing the need to visit the property physically and being able to assess multiple properties in a small amount of time.

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Our documentation of machinery and safety equipment and integration with building operations allow for potential emergencies to be reduced or prevented entirely.

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Claims Processing

Our analysis serves as a record of the pre-incident state of a property. This allows for the owner and insurer to accurately determine losses and process claims much faster. Thus reducing loss of business interuption.

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Our Greatest Benefit: Loss Reduction

The greatest benefit of our platform and integration into day-to-day operations and emergency response is the increase of effectivess in emergency scenarios. Critical awareness and information-backed decision making can prevent lives from being lost and significant damages from occuring to the property and it's assets.

  • Reduction in response time so emergencies can be handled sooner.
  • Critical information preventing prolonging an emergency.
  • Communication between parties to ensure emergency is contained and occupants are accounted for and safe.

Increase Revenues while Reducing Exposure

The integration of our platform onto a property allows for operational costs to be reduced drastically in assessment, monitoring and claims. Being able to reduce the risk of the property allows for insurance companies to reduce risks, thus increasing competitive edge over other companies.

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