How it Works

These integrations can be layered on existing solutions deployed to our clients.

Real Time Monitoring

Integrating with real time systems allows for building and emergency teams to track conditions in the building in real time. These monitoring systems will allow for more information to be available to these teams and guide their decision making accordingly.

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Ease of Control

By integrating these devices within a 2D and 3D context in relation to the building, it allows for very easy control and secure management of a property's lighting, temperature, machinery, etc.'

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Smarter Technology

By integrating with our platform, which will serve as an IoT hub, these devices can benefit from collective pattern analysis to optimize usage, conserve energy and more quickly and effectively detect and deter emergencies.

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Making your Buildings Smart

One of the biggest reasons why many large building managers don't implement these devices, despite their benefits, is the inability to manage so many devices across 100's of thousands of square feet.

  • Analyze which devices is best for your building according to space layout and functionality.
  • Implement devices physically and virtually within our platform.
  • Easily and remotely control the devices from the platform to ensure that the property is properly monitored and secured

Leveraging AI to make them Smarter

By leveraging the power of Artifical Intelligence, we can create routines for the building to run automatically, ensuring that building operations remain unencumbered. We will also be able to pre-emptively locate potential failures in machinery or safety protocol, stoppping an emergency before it starts.

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