3 6 0 V R T E C H


We deliver next level building emergency preparedness

Our platform uses the latest in visualization and smart technology to protect lives

Designed for simplicity and functionality

We worked diligently on perfecting a design that is versatile enough to be used in
day to day operations and in critical events.

Be Completely Protected

Our platform is designed to increase effectiveness and information
visibility in all stages of emergency planning and response.


Allow for internal staff and first responders to become aware of how to navigate in and throughout the property.


Knowing what resources are located throughout the building.


Ability for first responders to run simulations and training exercises within the building virtually.

Up to Date information

We work diligently to make sure that all critical information is up to date and accurate.


Internal staff can effectively manage emergency equipment, machinery, etc. through our platform.


Finding and eliminating potential threats or small emergencies and preventing them from growing larger.

Updates and Replacements

Automated alerts to update safety and other equipment on the property in order to reduce risk and liabilities.


Our team of safety analysts will assist building staff in upgrading building safety and security standards.


Our software is optimized for integration by Police, Fire, and other agencies' existing infrastructure.

Critical Information

The information is organized and filtered to give first responders the information they need when they need it.

Enhanced Decisions

Information provided can enhance the operations and split-second decision making to save more lives and property.

Resource Management

Teams can more appropriately allocate resources to best accomodate the emergency with the property pre-planned.


Ensuring that all individuals are safe and proper contacts have been made aware of the situation.

Clear and Secure

Post-incident clearance to ensure building is clear of individual and environmental threats.

Incident Debrief

Understand operations and decisons made during emergency with context in physical structure for proper documentation.


Understanding best ways to plan support and recovery for occupants and organization.


Understand the extent of damages to the business and property to file appropriate claims.

Monitor Situation

Using our platform to monitor and manage the key areas of incident to increase understanding and future prevention.

Solution Implementation

Plan and implement short term resolutions to prevent repeat or respark of incident until longer term action is taken.

Resume Operations

Guide first responders and building staff on resuming normal activities and limiting organizational interruptions.

Long-term Solution

Implementing longer term solutions to prevent incident from occuring again.

Infrastructure Improvement

Guiding improvements for infrastructure improvements to improve the property and reduce risk.


Redesigning and implementing updated emregency plans to better accomodate for future potential emergencies.


Training first responders and building staff on updated infrastructures and procederes implemented.

We put people first

We have worked with over 100 police and SWAT units. Their insights and operations have guided us in our development and information collection to ensure that they have all the tools they need for active shooters, hostage situations, bomb threats, etc. We work specifically with the local police department of the property and adjust our information to best accomodate their planning and operations.

We have done extensive research with Firefighters in order to learn about their day-to-day operations, exactly what information they need to stop a fire, evacuate a building or rescue someone in need. We have focused our operations towards gathering this information from the buildings we analyze and providing this information in a simple and effecient way. We want our firefighters to have all the tools and information they need to save lives.

A big focus for us in developing our solution is providing day-to-day value to the building owner. We do this by mapping out key information that is relevent to upkeep and maintenance, sending reminders for safety equipment that need to be updated, and providing recommendations for improvements to the safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of the property.

Several agencies such as HAZMAT, Homeland Security, FEMA, etc. also benefit from the information collected in the interest of emergency planning and public safety. It allows for them to have more insight into the specific situations present in the building and how to best plan around them for longer-term planning and fund allocation.

We are working with top institutions across the country.